Millet Pumpkin Porridge

Millet Pumpkin Porridge

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Today’s breakfast didn’t want to eat something too oily, so I cooked some pumpkin porridge and had it with my kids


Millet Pumpkin Porridge

1. 100 grams of small yellow rice

Millet Pumpkin Porridge recipe

2. Let the water clean

Millet Pumpkin Porridge recipe

3. Then pour it into the rice cooker, add 1500ML of water and press the cooking button to start cooking

Millet Pumpkin Porridge recipe

4. Cut the pumpkin into small pieces at this time

Millet Pumpkin Porridge recipe

5. Cook for about half an hour, the millet starts to boil, then add the cut pumpkin and cook

Millet Pumpkin Porridge recipe

6. Cook until the millet rotten pumpkin is cooked, then turn off the heat

Millet Pumpkin Porridge recipe

7. You can add a spoonful of sugar to the serving

Millet Pumpkin Porridge recipe


Millet porridge is a good food for stomach, very suitable for children and the elderly to eat


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