Moon Cake

Moon Cake

by Zhao 7502

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is here! I usually buy mooncakes all the year round. They are sweet and greasy. Try to make them yourself this year! I'm very happy to be recognized by my friends

Moon Cake

1. Add invert sugar and soap, mix well, add peanut oil and mix well, then add milk powder and all-purpose flour to mix well! The water absorption of flour is different by adding or subtracting by itself! The mixed noodles are slightly sticky and put in the refrigerator for more than half an hour

Moon Cake recipe

2. I made my own fried bean paste and jujube puree. The jujube puree made yesterday was too sweet, so I fried some red bean paste and used it together.

Moon Cake recipe

3. Mix the red bean paste with the jujube puree 1:1 and knead together, add half of the salted egg yolk and knead it into a ball about 15 grams, and the dough is about 10 grams.

Moon Cake recipe

4. Flatten the dough and put it into the filling, close the filling and put it into the mold to press

Moon Cake recipe

5. It must be molded at once, the first one is pressed twice and one piece comes out below

Moon Cake recipe

6. Press all to be thick, spray a thin layer of water with a watering can and put it into the oven, and bake the middle layer at 170 degrees for 5 minutes. Take out the egg yolk water and bake for 20 minutes.

Moon Cake recipe


1. The best way to press mooncakes is to put them on the tarp and don't hold them with your hands, otherwise they will deform! I bought a 50-gram mold to make a finished product of about 35 grams!
2. The skin will be soft after 1 day to 2 days after it is ready. This is called anti-oil. It is better to eat at this time.


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