Tomato Lump Soup

Tomato Lump Soup

by Hani 22

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Pimple soup is no stranger to people living in the north. It can be said to be a bowl of soup that has been drunk since childhood. Sprinkle a handful of Nepeta in front of the pot and drop a few drops of sesame oil. It is homely and warms the stomach. It is very suitable for the cold winter.

The pimple soup can be thick or clear. This is mainly adjusted according to your own preferences. Taking my family as an example, I prefer thicker ones, so the gnocchi will be small and scattered when stirring, and it will contain powder. Disperse quickly after entering the water to thicken the soup, so that the thick pimple soup can be eaten as a staple food.

The most important thing is that tomato and nepeta soup must not be missing. The sour taste of tomato can make the soup appetizing, and the special taste of nepeta can make the soup unique. This kind of magic makes people feel that it is not addictive to drink.


Tomato Lump Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients.

2. Pour the flour into the mixing bowl. While adding water, use chopsticks to stir continuously until it shows a uniform lumpy shape.

Tomato Lump Soup recipe

3. Tomatoes are cut with a cross knife.

4. Boiling in hot water for ten seconds.

Tomato Lump Soup recipe

5. Peel and cut into pieces.

6. Heat the pot and stir in the chopped green onion.

Tomato Lump Soup recipe

7. Pour the tomatoes.

8. Stir out the red oil.

Tomato Lump Soup recipe

9. Add an appropriate amount of cold water.

10. After boiling, pour in the gnocchi while stirring quickly, boil it briefly, add light soy sauce, white pepper, salt, and chicken essence to taste.

Tomato Lump Soup recipe

11. Pour in the beaten eggs and mix well.

12. Add Nepeta. Finally, add a few drops of sesame oil to taste.

Tomato Lump Soup recipe


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