Pimple Soup

Pimple Soup

by Fei Er loves food

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Kump soup, also called mixed soup, is the most common noodle soup in the north. It is simple, nutritious and delicious.


Pimple Soup

1. Prepare materials

Pimple Soup recipe

2. Wash the vegetables and cut them, and beat the eggs.

Pimple Soup recipe

3. Flour in a bowl

Pimple Soup recipe

4. Turn the faucet to the minimum water flow, place the basin under the faucet, turn the basin continuously, and then use chopsticks to pull it into small bumps.

Pimple Soup recipe

5. Bring water to a boil in a pot, add shrimp skins and diced carrots, and pour in gnocchi.

Pimple Soup recipe

6. Stir well with chopsticks

Pimple Soup recipe

7. Cook the gnocchi for a short while, slowly pour in the egg mixture and stir well.

Pimple Soup recipe

8. Add spinach

Pimple Soup recipe

9. Add salt and chicken essence

Pimple Soup recipe

10. Add white pepper

Pimple Soup recipe

11. Finally, add the chopped green onion and mix well.

Pimple Soup recipe


You can also mix the first into a viscous state, boil water in the pot, pour the batter into a colander, and leak into the pot to become gnocchi.


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