Multigrain Soup

Multigrain Soup

by Soybean family

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Children and his dad don’t like to drink soup, and those who cook are not interested in making soup. If you don’t make it for a long time, it always feels like something is missing. If there is no other way, you can only find a way to make something simple and light. They also try their best to choose the ingredients they like to eat. This is usually more powerful, and they will drink more or less, and the rest will be used to cook porridge or noodles for them to eat.
Today, the kid likes this soup very much. The first is that the soup is not greasy, and the second is that the soup contains his favorite pumpkin and corn, and because of the addition of corn, the pumpkin has some sweetness, which is better than other soups. It tastes different.


Multigrain Soup

1. Peel and wash yam and pumpkin and cut into hob blocks at will. After washing corn, cut into 3~5 cm sections.

Multigrain Soup recipe

2. Put the pork spine in the pot and put it in the water, take it out and set aside

Multigrain Soup recipe

3. Add appropriate amount of water to the pressure cooker, put the ginger and spine into it, connect the phone, select the stewing mode, add vegetables midway, start

Multigrain Soup recipe

4. When you hear the sound of the pressure cooker prompting to add vegetables, turn on the pressure cooker and add the cut pumpkin, yam, and corn to it, and then add salt

Multigrain Soup recipe

5. Put on the lid of the pressure cooker and continue, when the state of the pressure cooker is over, the soaking is ready to simmer

Multigrain Soup recipe


1. The amount of water when stewing soup is flexibly added according to the number of family members. For three people in my family, we usually add 3 bowls of water;
2. The proportion of salt is added according to the proportion of water.


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