Mung Bean Lily Congee

Mung Bean Lily Congee

by Xiaoqi Feifei

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Mung beans are high in B vitamins and potassium. Sweating loses a lot of sodium, which can be supplemented from various foods containing salt! But the lost potassium and B vitamins can be supplemented from mung bean soup! Drinking mung bean soup in summer has a much stronger effect on quenching thirst, clearing heat and removing fire than drinking iced sweet drinks.


Mung Bean Lily Congee

1. Soak mung beans for two hours

Mung Bean Lily Congee recipe

2. Lily

Mung Bean Lily Congee recipe

3. Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, add the soaked rice, mung beans, and lilies

Mung Bean Lily Congee recipe

4. Boil off the fire

Mung Bean Lily Congee recipe

5. After the high fire is boiled, turn to low heat and put in lotus seeds

Mung Bean Lily Congee recipe

6. Cook until the mung bean and rice bloom. When the porridge is viscous, add a proper amount of rock sugar. Continue to cook for ten minutes until the rock sugar melts. Then turn off the heat and finally turn off the heat for a few minutes.

Mung Bean Lily Congee recipe

7. Ready to eat once cooked

Mung Bean Lily Congee recipe


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