Mushroom Hen Soup

Mushroom Hen Soup

by Guo Guo Niu

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It’s cold in the northeast, but it’s very cold. My husband has a hard time going to work every day, so make some soup to give him condolences.


Mushroom Hen Soup

1. Wash the hens. I removed the Coprinus chinensis and soak it for ten minutes.

Mushroom Hen Soup recipe

2. Blanching the whole chicken after boiling the pepper water is not blanching

Mushroom Hen Soup recipe

3. Put water in the pot and boil the chicken to keep it boiling. Skim the foam on it

Mushroom Hen Soup recipe

4. After skimming, add the washed mushrooms, red dates, green onions and ginger to a boil

Mushroom Hen Soup recipe

5. Simmer on low heat for two hours, add salt and pepper

Mushroom Hen Soup recipe

6. Continue to cook for an hour

Mushroom Hen Soup recipe

7. When drinking, you can add sesame oil and coriander according to your preference

Mushroom Hen Soup recipe


Babies, I haven't updated the recipe for a long time. Are you still paying attention to me? It will be updated every day from today! Hope you guys continue to support me


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