Stewed Chicken Soup

Stewed Chicken Soup

by Tiger Mom Shangcai

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At the winter solstice this year, the nines will begin to enter, and the coldest days of the year will begin. (No action in 1929, walking on the ice in 1949, watching the willows along the river in 1969, geese on the Qijiu River, nine plus nineteen, and cattle walking everywhere) The winter solstice is as big as a year, Xuzhou The common people have a nourishing and health-preserving tradition of "19 a chicken", and they will start to boil chicken soup on the winter solstice to nourish and warm the body, so as to store energy to resist the cold winter. From 19 to 49, 19, the price of hens began to soar at this time of the year. It is inevitable that there will be long lines in front of clean shops with good quality. The older the year, the price of free-range hens will increase. high.
"Winter solstice tonic, fight the tiger in the coming year" It is said that when chicken bone chicken is slowly boiled in a slow fire, most of the nutrients will be dissolved in the soup, which is easily absorbed by the human body. It is a good tonic for nourishing qi and blood in winter. It is calcium. Too much. The hen stew is better with some health ingredients. Put whatever you have at home, red dates, lotus seeds, wolfberry, longan, etc., can also be used with shiitake mushrooms, yam, cordyceps flower, or scallops, sea rice, the taste is delicious and peaceful. Simmer it on low heat for 2 to 3 hours, then skim off the oil on it, remove the bones and meat from the chicken, eat and drink directly, make hot pot soup, or cook noodles in chicken broth in the morning.


Stewed Chicken Soup

1. When buying chicken, ask the store to clean the inner cavity, take it home, wash it, and soak it in water 2 to 3 times until the water is rinsed off. The blood foam of chicken is not as much as that of pig or beef. Soak it in water for 2 to 3 times. Just use it all over; cut large slices of green onion and ginger, wash the red dates; put the finely chopped spices into the cooking box and buckle it, so that the soup pot is easy to take out after it is cooked

Stewed Chicken Soup recipe

2. Put all the ingredients except wolfberry in the casserole, fill up with water at one time, and boil on high heat; buckle the cooking box, cut the red dates with scissors, but do not cut them apart, keep the complete shape of the dates

Stewed Chicken Soup recipe

3. Turn to the minimum heat and simmer slowly for about 2 hours (for soup, you can turn the heat to the minimum to keep the casserole boiling slightly, but the pot should not overflow with the lid. It is best, so that it will not volatilize too much. Moisture, the quality of the soup can also be slowly boiled to become more mellow)

Stewed Chicken Soup recipe

4. Stew in a pot until the aroma is overflowing, and the chicken can be penetrated gently with a chopstick, then add the wolfberry, cover the lid, and continue to simmer for about half an hour on low heat.

Stewed Chicken Soup recipe

5. Simmer in the pot, remove the cooking box, discard the spices inside, remove the chicken, tear the chicken into small pieces and pour it into the pot.

Stewed Chicken Soup recipe
Stewed Chicken Soup recipe
Stewed Chicken Soup recipe


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