Mushroom Lamb Soup

Mushroom Lamb Soup

by Sago Fiona

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I don't like spicy food in spring, so think about making some lighter lamb soup. Lamb slice soup with mushrooms. The taste is particularly delicious, and I am afraid that the lamb will have a strong smell, and some shredded white radish has been added to achieve the effect of removing the mutton. Very good. The soup is very delicious. Come to a big bowl, warm up and not afraid of growing meat.


Mushroom Lamb Soup

1. Prepare ingredients

Mushroom Lamb Soup recipe

2. Remove the roots and wash the enoki mushrooms, remove the stems, wash and slice the mushrooms

Mushroom Lamb Soup recipe

3. Shredded white radish

Mushroom Lamb Soup recipe

4. Boil hot water in a pot, add the lamb slices and blanch until the color changes and remove them immediately.

Mushroom Lamb Soup recipe

5. In a wok, a proper amount of oil, saute the scallions, ginger and add the mushrooms.

Mushroom Lamb Soup recipe

6. The shiitake mushrooms are fragrant, pour in hot water, and add shredded radish after the water is boiled. Enoki mushroom.

Mushroom Lamb Soup recipe

7. Shredded radish and enoki mushrooms are cooked. Boil the pot again, add the lamb slices, mix in the cooking wine, and salt. Sprinkle coriander out of the pot.

Mushroom Lamb Soup recipe


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