Spicy Hot Pot Bottom

Spicy Hot Pot Bottom

by Xianger Kitchen

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Spicy hot pot base, the degree of spiciness can be determined according to your own preference. Winter in Jiangnan is always so wet and cold, and it feels very comfortable to eat spicy flavor occasionally. The soup base is made of thick soup, which is spicy and delicious.


Spicy Hot Pot Bottom

1. Prepare the ingredients

Spicy Hot Pot Bottom recipe

2. Put the peppercorns in a hot pot with warm oil, and then remove them.

Spicy Hot Pot Bottom recipe

3. Then burst the dried chili into a scent

Spicy Hot Pot Bottom recipe

4. Turn the heat to low, add the bean paste and fry the red oil

Spicy Hot Pot Bottom recipe

5. Add boiling water and pour it into an electric pot, add ginger and garlic slices

Spicy Hot Pot Bottom recipe

6. After boiling, add the thick soup treasure (add a piece first and then add another piece when adding water)

Spicy Hot Pot Bottom recipe

7. Cook until the thick soup and the soup are fused, you can add your favorite food and start brushing

Spicy Hot Pot Bottom recipe


1. If you like to eat heavy spicy, you can increase or decrease according to your own preferences, mine is slightly spicy
2. The best ratio of thick soup treasure is 2 pieces + 6 bowls of water


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