Red Oil Hot Pot Soup

Red Oil Hot Pot Soup

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It’s snowing, and my husband proposed to eat hot pot, but I don’t want to go out, so I just cook it at home and use a simple way to make a simple taste. It also feels quite fulfilling, but I’m tired of cleaning up after a meal, but I think It's worth eating meat and drinking alcohol at home so enjoyable. A pot bottom can be made with simple materials. Although it is not as thick as a hot pot restaurant, as a family, it is very well prepared, easy to operate, and pure natural. I am already content.


Red Oil Hot Pot Soup

1. Prepare the materials first, as shown in the figure

Red Oil Hot Pot Soup recipe

2. Put more base oil in the pot, heat it to 60% heat, add sliced ginger

Red Oil Hot Pot Soup recipe

3. After the ginger slices change color slightly, add garlic, then the green onions, and sauté

Red Oil Hot Pot Soup recipe

4. Add bean paste and stir-fry on low heat

Red Oil Hot Pot Soup recipe

5. Then put in star anise cinnamon

Red Oil Hot Pot Soup recipe

6. Finally put the pepper, a handful of chili, and continue to fry

Red Oil Hot Pot Soup recipe

7. Boil a large pot of boiling water, and then our thick soup treasure will be on the stage. It will make the soup thicker and convenient. Of course, you can also cook the soup yourself, but after all, it takes longer to prepare.

Red Oil Hot Pot Soup recipe

8. Add the soup to the pot and add the bay leaves and fennel

Red Oil Hot Pot Soup recipe

9. Then put rock candy

Red Oil Hot Pot Soup recipe

10. Then cook with light soy sauce cooking wine, white pepper, and appropriate amount of salt to taste, then cut a few small pieces of chives and put on top. You're done

Red Oil Hot Pot Soup recipe

11. Prepare to eat all kinds of ingredients you like for hot pot, make it yourself and try to be as beautiful as possible, it will make you eat happier, and the environment is also very important!

Red Oil Hot Pot Soup recipe

12. Under the light of the restaurant, it looks more attractive, I hope you can like it. start!

Red Oil Hot Pot Soup recipe


There is no absolute amount for the specific amount. For example, pepper and pepper, as well as saltiness, should be adjusted according to your own taste.


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