Nanyang Style Fried Rice

Nanyang Style Fried Rice

by liasiewying

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This fried rice is quite simple and easy to make. It is a good choice for those busy at work. Turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, but if you are pregnant, you should avoid eating less.
For convenience, you can directly use turmeric powder to fry rice. Turmeric has a special fragrance and is very charming. The fried rice is golden and golden, which is very appetizing. "


Nanyang Style Fried Rice

1. Add two tablespoons of oil in a hot pan, add dried shrimps to a slow heat until fragrant, then add shredded carrots and fry them half-cooked.

Nanyang Style Fried Rice recipe

2. Add small shallots and fry until fragrant, add turmeric powder, and stir-fry quickly evenly.

Nanyang Style Fried Rice recipe

3. Pour in two bowls of white rice, turn on medium heat, stir fry quickly, add fish sauce and green soy sauce, and stir quickly.

Nanyang Style Fried Rice recipe

4. Add the cabbage and stir-fry all the ingredients. Finally, turn off the heat and add the red pepper shreds into the rice.

Nanyang Style Fried Rice recipe

5. Put the fried rice on the plate and put the poached egg on the rice and serve.

Nanyang Style Fried Rice recipe


The dishes are put into the rice and fried at the end, so it tastes especially refreshing and not greasy.


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