Net Red Milk Covered Tea

Net Red Milk Covered Tea

by Drink Notes

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When the bell rings four times in the afternoon, everything stops for tea in an instant.” The busy work and life need food and drink to adjust. Instead of fighting alone with work, it is better to give yourself a free afternoon and make friends with three or five friends. Have a full afternoon tea.

Some people say that the comfort of afternoon tea is only known to those who have enjoyed it. Quiet afternoons, artistic corners, exquisite refreshments, and good girlfriends. If you can have a cup of delicious milk tea as a drink at this time, you will definitely make afternoon tea The atmosphere reached a climax instantly!

If oolong tea is the red maple leaf in autumn, the milk cover is the white snow on the Alps. The fragrant oolong tea meets the dense milk cover, plus the slightly bitter cocoa powder, three different tastes will be introduced into the mouth at the same time. Break the plain taste and enjoy the perfect experience for the lips and teeth after the delicious fusion!

On weekdays, you need to queue for four hours to drink a sip of the net celebrity milk covered tea, which can be easily done in ten minutes. Now follow Xiaoyu to make a cup of net celebrity milk tea, and spend a heartwarming afternoon tea time with friends! "


Net Red Milk Covered Tea

1. Prepare 1 packet of oolong tea (black tea) in advance and put it in a pot to make tea.

Net Red Milk Covered Tea recipe

2. Pour in an appropriate amount of boiling water, cover and let cool.

Net Red Milk Covered Tea recipe

3. Same as above.

Net Red Milk Covered Tea recipe

4. Add the right amount of honey to make the taste of oolong tea less bitter. (Part of the tea is made)

Net Red Milk Covered Tea recipe

5. Prepare an empty bowl to make the milk lid, add 25g cream cheese, 125g whipped cream, 10g milk, 8g sugar, and 1g salt.

Net Red Milk Covered Tea recipe

6. Same as above.

Net Red Milk Covered Tea recipe

7. Whip the cream with a whisk until it is thick. (The milk cover part is finished).

Net Red Milk Covered Tea recipe

8. Prepare a cup for the finished product and pour 2/3 of the tea into the glass.

Net Red Milk Covered Tea recipe

9. Add whipped cream to the cup. (Smooth milk cover is the key to determining the quality of a cup of milk cover tea)

Net Red Milk Covered Tea recipe

10. Sprinkle some chocolate chips at the end.

Net Red Milk Covered Tea recipe

11. The fragrance leaves the lips and teeth at the first sip, and the aftertaste is endless. Those who like DIY, can also use their brains according to their own preferences, add some matcha powder, Oreo cookies, etc., a creative drink is completed like this!

Net Red Milk Covered Tea recipe


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