Nourishing Old Duck Soup

Nourishing Old Duck Soup

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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When the duck soup is stewed, the blanching is a big mistake. This is the right way. The duck soup is delicious!

Tonic in winter, duck is the first choice. Winter is the most plump season for ducks.

Duck meat is rich in protein, vitamin B and vitamin E, and fatty acids are easily digested and absorbed. In winter, the climate is dry. The most important thing is to nourish the yin and nourish the lungs. Choose the old duck soup, the nourishing effect will be better. Chicken belongs to hot tonic, and duck belongs to Compared with chicken and duck, the nutrition of Liangbu is more comprehensive. Therefore, Laoyatang is an ideal food for autumn tonic.
Laoyatang is the most suitable nourishing soup in autumn. It is not good for health and fitness. It is just that the duck soup is delicious, but it is not easy to make. Some people stew the soup, which does not smell good, but has a strong fishy smell. This kind of soup doesn't look good anymore. It's really a waste. So how do you make the duck soup to be fresh, fragrant and delicious? Some people cook it directly in the pot, and some people blanch it. In fact, they are doing it wrong. If you want to do this, learn some of these techniques, and you can stew the fragrant and tender old duck soup.


Nourishing Old Duck Soup

1. Duck is delicious, and the hair is difficult to handle. There are many hair follicles on the surface of duck, especially on the wings. These dark hair follicles can affect appetite. You must carefully pull out one by one with a small clip. In this way, the fishy smell will be eliminated. Removed a lot. But this step is a bit time-consuming, so you must be patient and you can do it while watching TV.
After we clean the duck's hair, we can make it. We can clean and chop the duck. You can't stew it directly in the pot. Some people think it should be blanched. They think that there is a lot of blood in the duck meat. It becomes clean, the statement is correct, but it is wrong to do this, because the duck meat will become hard after blanching, so if you stew it again, the duck meat will not be tender and the nutrients will also be lost, so Blanching water is the wrong method, let alone stewing directly in the pot, the soup will smell so strong that it cannot be drunk.

Nourishing Old Duck Soup recipe

2. In fact, to remove the fishy smell of duck meat, the method is very simple. Rinse the chopped duck pieces several times, put them in cold water, and sprinkle some salt into it, stir well, soak for ten minutes, and wash again, so that the blood is all It’s all out. Washing the duck meat will be very clean. Don’t be afraid of hiding blood. After washing, put the duck pieces into a large bowl, add a proper amount of cooking wine, and marinate for half an hour, so as to further remove the fishy smell. Up.

Nourishing Old Duck Soup recipe

3. When soaking the duck pieces, we will process the side dishes. Cut the corn into sections and then cut into four pieces, the carrots into hob pieces, and the yam after being peeled and cut into hob pieces for later use.

Nourishing Old Duck Soup recipe

4. Add a little oil to the wok, heat it up, put the ginger slices into the fry to get a fragrance, then pour the soaked duck pieces into the wok, fry until the surface of the duck meat is slightly discolored, and it can be out of the wok.

Nourishing Old Duck Soup recipe

5. Pour the fried duck pieces into a casserole and add half a pot of water. Remember to add enough water at one time. Do not add water in the middle. The added water should preferably be hot water, so that the stewed soup will be cooked. It will be more rich and delicious, these two points are also very important, don't make a mistake.

Nourishing Old Duck Soup recipe

6. Set the soup button, the whole soup cooking process is two and a half hours, if you want to drink the fragrant duck soup, it is worth the time.

Nourishing Old Duck Soup recipe

7. When there is one hour left, you can pour all the side dishes into the pot and simmer together. The old duck has more subcutaneous fat. With some vegetables, it can reduce the greasy feeling of the soup, and the meat and vegetables are more balanced in nutrition. .

Nourishing Old Duck Soup recipe

8. After the soup cooking process is over, add salt to taste and it can be out of the pot. Remember to put the salt last when making the soup, so that the meat will be soft and tender.

Nourishing Old Duck Soup recipe


Using this method to stew duck soup saves time and tastes delicious. The stewed duck soup has no fishy smell at all. The soup is full of umami and tastes good. My kids can drink a large bowl every time, and then stew the soup directly with salt to clean it, which is much better than the soup made by blanching water. When the duck soup is stewed, the blanching is a big mistake. This is the right way. The chicken soup is delicious! Give it a try.


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