Nourishing Peach Gum Soup

Nourishing Peach Gum Soup

by Niu Ma Kitchen

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The past few days have been really dire and hot. You must treat moms who have adolescent boys a little better and better. I have really made my big treasure so angry these few days, I can really cry when I look at myself in the mirror with a gray head and gray face. Fortunately, yesterday, I received a beauty and beauty gift box from my cousin who dispensed Chinese medicine. My sister said that this is a health tea with the old Chinese doctor in their old name. The dosage is very particular, so I will decrypt the recipe later. It seems that being a mother really hurts to be a mother, knowing that I am lazy and I am busy, the ingredients are clean and refreshing. I think the peach gum bubbles can be simmered when they are opened, and there are no impurities.

This kind of material bag is very suitable for novice babies, and it is great for moms who don't know how to match the ingredients. You don't need to weigh the amount, just pour out the bubbles and open the stew. I also need to say that today I used the Supor silent wall breaking machine to stew this health beauty product. Because of the time, I soaked the ingredients in the evening, and then picked and washed them. The second soaking is to put the ingredients into the broken hair. The wall machine is in, one side soaks the hair twice, and the other side waits for the scheduled time.

Nourishing Peach Gum Soup

1. The ingredients for this health scented tea: 5 grams of snow swallow, 10 grams of peach gum, 3 grams of saponified rice, 3 grams of white fungus, appropriate amount of osmanthus, cooked sesame, appropriate amount of sugar

Nourishing Peach Gum Soup recipe

2. Soak the ingredients in advance, and the ingredients can be seen clean. I will pick them for three hours.

Nourishing Peach Gum Soup recipe

3. Then put the ingredients into the wall-breaking machine, and add about 1000 water.

Nourishing Peach Gum Soup recipe

4. Then sit the cup back on the host, select the health-preserving cooking mode, and make an appointment for the time you want. In this way, while soaking twice, wait for the reserved time to cook.

Nourishing Peach Gum Soup recipe

5. I want to look at the health-preserving cooking mode of this machine, and I can see that the heating inside is very uniform, similar to the usual cooking of health-preserving pots.

Nourishing Peach Gum Soup recipe

6. After cooking, add cooked sesame seeds, osmanthus, and sugar to taste.

Nourishing Peach Gum Soup recipe

7. In the time we want to drink, we can drink the thick, creamy and flavorful peach gum floral scent. It seems that I can put away my health pot. With this silent wall breaking machine, it can be used for multiple purposes.

Nourishing Peach Gum Soup recipe


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