Nutritional Nourishing Soup

Nutritional Nourishing Soup

by Minger Kitchen

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Beauty is the life's career of every woman. As the saying goes: a woman who is pleasing to herself is tolerant and beautiful, not for others, but for herself to have a confident attitude. My elder sister is almost fifty this year, she has a correct understanding of beauty, and her mentality is very good. Everyone who has seen it looks like thirty. Many people may think that nourishing and beautifying supplements are very expensive. That is because you don’t know enough about tonics. Bird’s nest donkey-hide gelatin is not something that ordinary people like us can often eat, but as long as the ingredients of the common people are well matched, it can still be very effective. Good effect.
In the first few days, I accidentally got some peach gum, peach gum, and peach gum, which is a natural beauty product. Whether it is taken internally or externally, it can play a role in beautifying and beautifying. The peach gum itself is tasteless and has a smooth taste like jelly. I saw it on a certain website. It’s not expensive, dozens of dollars per catty, and the dosage is only about 10 grams per cat. A catty can be used dozens of times. With white fungus and Sydney, boil a pot of soup to nourish the heart and lung Suitable for all ages, the price is not expensive, and the taste is good.


Nutritional Nourishing Soup

1. In the first step, the peach gum we bought is a dry product and needs to be soaked for more than 24 hours in advance. After soaking, the peach gum can increase by more than 15 times, so the amount of each time can be kept about 10 grams. I also use a dry product for white fungus. The soaking time must be kept for more than four hours before the gel will be released quickly.

Put the soaked white fungus into a ceramic pot.

Nutritional Nourishing Soup recipe

2. In the second step, after the peach gum is soaked, pick out the impurities and put them in a pottery pot.

Nutritional Nourishing Soup recipe

3. The third step is to put in the peeled and pitted Sydney pear cubes and big red dates.

Nutritional Nourishing Soup recipe

4. The fourth step is to add an appropriate amount of water.

Nutritional Nourishing Soup recipe

5. Step 5: Cover the pot, put it on the gas, turn to a low heat and continue to simmer.

Nutritional Nourishing Soup recipe

6. The sixth step is to simmer for more than an hour, add rock sugar, and continue to cook for about half an hour.
The nutritious and delicious peach gum syrup is ready, and women who want to make water should be willing to spend time making soup!

Nutritional Nourishing Soup recipe


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