Beauty Soup

Beauty Soup

by An Ran

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At the request of my sister, she said that we are at this age and need maintenance, and beauty and beauty are essential. In other words, our age, what age... come out, promise not to hit you, sister 18, can you have a flower?


Beauty Soup

1. The preparation, the specific amount, depending on what I like, I will grab it, don’t worry about the amount, I never weigh, rely on my sixth sense, haha, who made me a Buddhist...

Beauty Soup recipe

2. Soak all the peach gum in clean water (separate) and wash the peach gum again. Look for the bird’s nest to see if it has any hair or not, and it’s a bit late to release (forgot to take photos of the red dates)

Beauty Soup recipe

3. Wash all, peach gum is the hardest to wash, then cut off all the big pieces, remove the red dates, and cut them into small pieces.

Beauty Soup recipe

4. Pour a swarm into the bladder, except for the bird’s nest

Beauty Soup recipe

5. Lots of water, personally like soup

Beauty Soup recipe

6. Press again, 2 hours

Beauty Soup recipe

7. Pour the bird's nest at about an hour (the bird's nest is easier to melt, if possible, it is best to stew separately and mix it at the end, but the bird's nest is broken, it doesn't matter)

Beauty Soup recipe

8. Then a few pieces of rock candy

Beauty Soup recipe

9. Sprinkle with goji berries (I also like black goji berries, but I didn't put them out for fear of color problems)

Beauty Soup recipe

10. Time is up, you can eat

Beauty Soup recipe


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