Nutritious Egg Pie

Nutritious Egg Pie

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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When making omelets, I usually have a small detail, that is, sometimes I put a little baking soda, of course, sometimes I don’t put it. Do it differently. The advantage of putting baking soda is that the omelet will be soft and taller, and the omelet without baking soda will be a little more chewy. This can be done by the individual. I like to eat slightly thicker and softer, so most of them will put a little bit Baking soda, but remember not to put too much, just pinch a little with your fingers for the amount of two people.


Nutritious Egg Pie

1. Carrots should be rubbed into filaments with a tool. If you cut them with a knife, the baked cake will be a bit hard. Therefore, it is most suitable to use a shredder to rub the carrots.

Nutritious Egg Pie recipe

2. Cut corn intestines into small pieces and chop green onions

Nutritious Egg Pie recipe

3. Put all the above ingredients together, beat in the eggs, put in the salt, the amount of salt should be mastered, and the staple food should not be too salty

Nutritious Egg Pie recipe

4. Stir it, don’t need to be too even, you can also stir it in the later stage

Nutritious Egg Pie recipe

5. Add flour and baking soda, here I put half a small bowl, you can put more people

Nutritious Egg Pie recipe

6. Stir thoroughly, add some water appropriately, and the batter should not be too thick

Nutritious Egg Pie recipe

7. Heat the pan, put some oil and spread it out, pour in the batter and spread it out, flip it on both sides, and the golden brown will be fully cooked.

Nutritious Egg Pie recipe


It is worth noting that the batter should not be too thick. The cake will be very hard when the batter is thickened. Therefore, when mixing the batter, you can see that the batter flows quickly.


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