Octopus Dried Mussel Bone Soup

Octopus Dried Mussel Bone Soup

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Some time ago, I took care of my confinement confinement sister-in-law at home. This is a nourishing soup that nourishes blood and promotes milk.
Octopus has the functions of nourishing blood and nourishing qi, astringent muscle growth, nourishing yin and stomach, nourishing deficiency and moisturizing skin. It is the most suitable food for those with weak constitution, especially those with deficiency of both qi and blood, and octopus is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Bone development and hematopoiesis are very beneficial. It can prevent anemia, relieve fatigue, restore vision, and improve liver function.
Mussels are a common seafood food. Mussels have high nutritional value and contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements. Since fresh mussel meat is not easy to preserve, it is often cooked and dried to make mussel seeds. When buying dried mussels, it is better to be small in size and dark yellow in color.
Mussels can treat the spleen caused by fatigue, less blood essence, vomiting and chronic dysentery, bowel pain and low back pain.


Octopus Dried Mussel Bone Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients (the dried octopus and dried mussels should be soaked one or two hours in advance)

Octopus Dried Mussel Bone Soup recipe

2. Blanch pork bones

Octopus Dried Mussel Bone Soup recipe

3. The dried octopus is torn off the surface and cut into small pieces; the dried mussels are pulled out of the stomach yarn, cleaned and set aside

Octopus Dried Mussel Bone Soup recipe

4. Clean all the ingredients and put them in a crock pot, add ginger slices and an appropriate amount of water, and boil over a medium heat. After boiling, continue to boil on medium heat for about 20 minutes, then turn to low heat for an hour and a half

Octopus Dried Mussel Bone Soup recipe

5. Add a small amount of salt at the end

Octopus Dried Mussel Bone Soup recipe


1. Dried octopus and dried mussels need to be soaked in advance. Dried mussels should be pulled out of the stomach yarn and cleaned, otherwise there will be sand.
2. Add a small amount of salt after the soup is cooked, and it is better not to be too salty if it tastes a little bit.


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