Oil-free Turkish Flower Sesame Bread

I was really amazed by this one! A simplified version of Turkish simit sesame ring bread. I tried the bagel bread. In contrast, this one is much simpler. It doesn't need to be boiled in sugar water. It tastes good, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and chewy! Film can be produced without adding butter, simple materials can also produce delicious!
The surface of the bread is dipped in brown sugar water and filled with sesame seeds. When it is baked, it is super fragrant. It is torn when it is hot and has a slight silky feeling. After being sealed overnight, the skin is slightly softened, although only one shot is needed, it is still very tough , The inside is soft and does not age quickly! The key is no oil, no oil, breakfast with a cup of milk or coffee, the most suitable!
The sesame grains will fall off while eating, remember to catch it with your hands!







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How to Make It

1. Prepare the bread dough materials, only 5 items are needed! If you don't have an ice pack in summer, you can use ice water to make the noodles.
2. Pour the high flour into the noodle bucket (you can pre-refrigerate to cool down), separate the salt and yeast into two corners, and then pour in purified water and honey. In summer, pay attention to controlling the noodle temperature. The temperature of the beaten dough is about 26 degrees.
3. The cook machine (the noodle bucket is tied with an ice pack to cool down), mix the ingredients into a dough, and then turn to the second gear to beat the dough. When it reaches the expansion stage, the dough is ready. Hold the dough with both hands, fold it toward the outside of the body, and cut it Small pieces, gently pull apart, a thick film can appear, and the edges are jagged! No glove film required! Be patient.
4. The rounded dough is divided into 6 portions, 70 grams each. Fold it into a circle or hold the interview counterclockwise in a reverse C shape with your right hand and gently roll it in a counterclockwise direction. Cover with plastic wrap and relax for 10 minutes.
5. Take a loose dough, flatten it, and roll it out into an oval shape, about 18cm in length. Then turn it over.
6. Fold the top 1/3 to the middle, and then fold up the bottom 1/3.
7. Fold it in half and pinch it tight! Be sure to squeeze the mouth tightly. Increase the layering of the bread. Fold 3 times.
8. Then knead the kneaded dough into a long strip, and slowly knead it back and forth to form a 30cm long strip.
9. Then, as shown in the figure, like a knot, the right half of the strip is clockwise around the left half, and then the tail of the right half is taken out of the round hole. Similar to knotting technique.
10. Then press the tail of the strip on the right under the dough, and insert the tail of the strip on the left into the round hole from above, and pinch the tails of the left and right ends. Slightly arranged, it is a 5-petal flower type. If the length of the rubbing is long enough, it can be made into a 6-petal flower type.
11. Place the processed bread dough with the surface facing down and dip it in the brown sugar water. Brown sugar water is 20 grams of brown sugar, 50 grams of warm water and mix well! The brown sugar here is pure brown sugar, don't use ginger brown sugar or the like.
12. Dip it in brown sugar water, and then dip it in white sesame seeds (both raw and cooked sesame seeds are fine, I use white sesame seeds), with gentle movements. Then arrange into the baking tray.
13. The rest of the same operation is completed, and discharged into the baking tray. Ferment at room temperature for 20-25 minutes.
14. The weather is too hot, the room temperature is 28 degrees, and the fermentation is complete after 25 minutes. Don't send too much, it will easily affect the pattern. The size of the bread dough after being sent is obviously larger. When the fermentation is finished, you can preheat the oven to 180 degrees up and down.
15. Put the finished bread dough into the lower middle of the oven, up and down 180 degrees, and bake for 20 minutes.
16. After roasting, take it out and transfer to a cold shelf to cool to hand temperature, then it can be sealed and stored. Or just eat it!
Note 1. The water content of bread is not as high as that of toast, so the dough is harder than toast dough, and the water absorption of flour is different. If the dough is too dry, the cook machine will not be able to beat it. Add water little by little, not once. Sexual increase a lot. However, the flour I used is just right, so there is no need to reserve or add water! Be patient when playing noodles!
2. Control the noodle temperature in summer! Ice water can be used for water.
3. White sesame seeds can be used raw or cooked!
4. The oven used in the article is PE3050, and you should fine-tune it according to your own oven when baking mildly.
5. Once fermented, try to finish it within 3 days. I can't finish it, keep it frozen!