Old Beijing Batter

Old Beijing Batter

by Peach

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The old Beijing paste cake is one of the traditional famous dishes of old Beijingers, and it is also a spring delicacy that integrates food and rice. Soft and crispy, mellow and delicious, soft and crispy, mellow and delicious, with cornmeal, leeks, etc. as ingredients.
I really like the crispness of the biscuits. It’s like chewing rice crackers. The crispy cornmeal cake base blends with the fresh fragrance of spring leek, shrimp skin, and eggs. Oops! Take a bite, the unforgettable taste.


Old Beijing Batter

1. Prepare the raw materials, pick and wash the leeks;

Old Beijing Batter recipe

2. Add warm water a little bit (the temperature of the water is not hot to the touch), the flow of water is like the dripping speed of a water pipe, while adding water, stir with chopsticks, and stir the cornmeal that is not in the water in time;

Old Beijing Batter recipe

3. Judge whether the cornmeal is well-stirred, and it can be clumped into a ball with your hands. This level is fine;

Old Beijing Batter recipe

4. Beat the egg with salt, pour it into a warm oil pan, stir it with chopsticks, take it out and let it cool for later use;

Old Beijing Batter recipe

5. Pour edible oil into the wok, add ginger and shrimp skin to fragrant, take out and let cool for later use;

Old Beijing Batter recipe

6. Finely chop the leeks;

Old Beijing Batter recipe

7. Place a pan on the stove, turn on a low heat, and sprinkle the cornmeal on the pan when it feels a little hot. Sprinkle as much as you want, but you must sprinkle it as evenly as possible. Press firmly by hand (be careful not to burn your wrist);

Old Beijing Batter recipe

8. Mix the chopped chives, fried eggs, and shrimp skins, and sprinkle them on the tortilla in Part 7. Cover the pan for 2 minutes, then slowly pour out of the pan.

Old Beijing Batter recipe


It must be made with cornmeal, one is easy to cook, and the other is not too hard to eat; when spreading tortillas, be sure to turn on the lowest heat, because if the fire is big, the water in the cornmeal will quickly evaporate. Once dry, it won't play the role of stickiness.


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