Old Hen Soup

Old Hen Soup

by Wen Ting Qianzi

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It's cold, the happiest thing is to have a bowl of warm soup every day when I come home. Holding it in the palm of my hand, I felt that all my worries and sorrows had been resolved by it. As for the soup, the most nostalgic thing is that my mother's slow fire stews the aroma, as if every pore will jump with joy, my favorite chicken soup.


Old Hen Soup

1. First remove the internal organs of the old hen and clean it

2. Then put a spoonful of salt on the chicken skin

Old Hen Soup recipe

3. Wipe all the chicken skins with salt, being careful not to rub it on the chicken; without rinsing, put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes and then take it out to rinse, so that the stewed chicken skin will be crispy and tender.

4. Put the whole chicken into the stewing pot, add Codonopsis and red dates (you can also add your favorite ingredients), and add 1000 ml of water

5. After steaming in water for two hours, add salt to taste

Old Hen Soup recipe
Old Hen Soup recipe
Old Hen Soup recipe


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