Old Hen Soup

Old Hen Soup

by Rain baby

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A very healthy soup, also very suitable for pregnant women!


Old Hen Soup

1. Prepare a hen to clean up and wash it off with clean water!

Old Hen Soup recipe

2. Chop the chicken into pieces, discard the offal, and blanch in boiling water for about 10 minutes!

Old Hen Soup recipe

3. Take out the blanched chicken and add water to the pot again. If it is three times the amount of chicken, add the chicken when the water is cold!

Old Hen Soup recipe

4. When the water is boiled, add the cooking wine, green onion, ginger slices and soaked wolfberry! Simmer it slowly! In the middle, you should skim off the oil and foam on the chicken soup! Simmer for 40 minutes and add refined salt! Let it simmer for forty minutes!

Old Hen Soup recipe

5. Put the stewed chicken broth into a bowl and put a proper amount of pepper, it tastes very fresh!

Old Hen Soup recipe


When blanching the chicken, you need to blanch it for a while. It saves effort when blanching the chicken soup. You don't have to keep the froth on the noodles!


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