Omelet Toast

Omelet Toast

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Breakfast is a very important meal among the three meals. After a night’s rest, the food ingested the previous night has been exhausted, and the body urgently needs to replenish heat and various nutrients. If breakfast is not replenished in time, then whether it is an adult or an adult Children’s study and work energy throughout the morning will be affected, especially for children who go to school, the school’s study burden is relatively heavy. In addition to the normal main class, there will be physical training classes, so breakfast must be supplemented. If you start to be hungry in the morning, your brain's excitability will decrease, your response will be slow, and your concentration will be poor, and your learning effect will naturally decrease. Frequent skipping of breakfast will not only affect academic performance, but also affect health and even cause illness. Therefore, we must pay attention to student breakfast. For children's health and study, we must arrange a delicious and good-quality breakfast so that they can have a good breakfast and go to school. . In fact, the child is really easy to satisfy. She doesn't need too complicated things. Even if she eats steamed buns every day, she will be very happy as long as she cooks them in a different way.


Omelet Toast

1. 3 eggs, add a pinch of salt, beat vigorously and quickly, beat well

Omelet Toast recipe

2. Dip the pan with kitchen paper and dip it in hot oil and rub it in the pan. After the pan is heated, spread the egg liquid in the pan twice into an omelet, fry it, and put it on a plate for later use.

Omelet Toast recipe

3. Toast remove all sides

Omelet Toast recipe

4. Thinly sliced cucumber

Omelet Toast recipe

5. Bacon fried in advance

Omelet Toast recipe

6. First take a slice of toast and apply salad dressing

Omelet Toast recipe

7. Spread the bacon slices in turn, spread the salad dressing on both sides of the second slice of toast, spread on the bacon, and then spread a layer of cucumber slices

Omelet Toast recipe

8. Spread the last piece of toast with salad dressing and cover it on the cucumber slices. The finished sandwich is wrapped in quiche, cut in the middle and placed on a plate, and then paired with other fruits or soup and porridge is a delicious breakfast.

Omelet Toast recipe


1. Add some salt when beating the egg liquid, the egg liquid is easy to break up and the fried egg cake is stronger and not easy to break;
2. When frying the omelet, the oil is wiped in the pan. If you add more oil, the omelet is easy to bulge.


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