Orange Peel Muffin

Orange Peel Muffin

by Tian Luo girl

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The most recent update should have been a month and a half ago. It’s not lazy, but stock...
I have seen a theory before, saying why the older people feel that time passes faster, because people feel that "fast" and "slow" are not based on absolute length, but compared to senior experience, such as a four-year-old child He has lived in this world for a total of 4 years, so 1 year is like half a century in his mind, and for the 40-year-old us, 1 year is a blink of an eye...
So the good thing is, if life is a book, and every day is a page, then the paper of my book is becoming more and more transparent. What happened a few years ago is like yesterday. The words in the book are. The paintings are stacked together, often in dreams, and entangled in time when they are awake.
No matter how you say it, it’s a good thing to spend the year safely~ After a month last year, it was also the same shade of pink, made of banana and walnut muffins. This year, change the content, or orange peel~
I heard that the older I get, the more I like matte colors or colors with high saturation and lightness (see the color matching of the mystery of sweaters for the elderly). Fortunately, I only like black, white, gray and red. I hope to pay back Not old.
In any case, we will continue to be model workers in the New Year. Happy New Year everyone! "


Orange Peel Muffin

1. Put a little baking soda on the skin of fresh oranges to clean it

Orange Peel Muffin recipe

2. Use a small plane to remove the outermost part of the orange peel. Don’t bring the white part into it.

Orange Peel Muffin recipe

3. Add cranberries or other ones, you can chop them

Orange Peel Muffin recipe

4. Put two eggs in a larger pot

Orange Peel Muffin recipe

5. First add sugar and stir

Orange Peel Muffin recipe

6. Then add the flour and butter until it melts and add it in. After mixing well, add the baking powder and stir.

Orange Peel Muffin recipe

7. Put it into the paper-filled mold, eighty or nine minutes full, the surface can be decorated, put it in the middle of the oven, 170 degrees 15 minutes!

Orange Peel Muffin recipe


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