Oreo Coffee Milk

Oreo Coffee Milk

by Lao Fang Xiaoyu

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During the National Day holiday, my son came back from school; in order to make my son who is studying to supplement his body, I became very busy. The vegetable market, the supermarket, and the kitchen are my three steps, even though I participated in the "Scent of Fragrance" activity three days ago. "I also use the evening time to make some supper or cakes and bread for breakfast. I can’t rest assured to eat out~~~

Oreo Coffee Milk

1. It’s very simple, just these few materials

Oreo Coffee Milk recipe

2. Pour instant coffee powder into the cup

Oreo Coffee Milk recipe

3. After the milk is heated in the microwave for 1 minute, pour it into the coffee

Oreo Coffee Milk recipe

4. Stir well with a small spoon

Oreo Coffee Milk recipe

5. Mix well and set aside

Oreo Coffee Milk recipe

6. Break the Orio biscuits, scrape off the inner filling, put them in a fresh-keeping bag, and use a rolling pin to push a few times

Oreo Coffee Milk recipe

7. Oreo cookies can be broken

Oreo Coffee Milk recipe

8. Lift the fresh-keeping bag, pour crushed Oreo biscuits into the coffee milk cup, a cup of nutritious and refreshing supper: "Coffee Milk Oreo" is ready, it's super simple

Oreo Coffee Milk recipe


1. Friends who like to drink cold can pour milk directly without heating. 2. Biscuits can also be put directly into the cup and eaten with it.


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