Original Floret Marshmallow

Original Floret Marshmallow

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From spring to autumn, when will it be delayed? Put it down when you can't find the glucose powder, and it's been a long time since you have found the glucose, why is it always dragging on? Procrastination. . .
Finally decided to do it. In fact, it is not as complicated and troublesome as imagined. Although it is a bit clumsy, it does not take as much effort as imagined. It’s just that the fans are a bit difficult to clean up. The whipped slurry does not seem to have good fluidity like the original one. It is poured on the powder and cannot flow into a flat surface by itself. This is convex and the other concave, so I have to pull it by myself to make it barely appear flat. . After cutting into squares or entangled in patterns, I decided to make a pattern after all—just the corners. At the beginning, I caught a mold of a small fish, and everything went down and I found that it was not good. The tail of the fish could easily be pulled off if I didn't pay attention to it. With a handful of powder, I checked the molds and tried a few. Finally, I chose a small flower, which was of a suitable size. Sure enough, it worked, but the plane that was pulled out was thicker than the other, and the carved flowers were also uneven in thickness. Next time I said nothing will be carved. . .

Original Floret Marshmallow

1. Ingredients: 100 grams of corn starch, 23 grams of warm water, 8 grams of fish gelatin powder, 33 grams of water, 66 grams of caster sugar, 33 grams of dextrose powder, 50 grams of maltose, 1 gram of white vinegar, 1.3 grams of water

Original Floret Marshmallow recipe

2. Spread the cornstarch on the baking tray, put it in the oven to preheat, and take it out for later use. Pour the vinegar into cold water, mix well and set aside. The isinglass powder is dissolved in warm water and set aside

Original Floret Marshmallow recipe

3. Pour water, granulated sugar, dextrose, and maltose into the pot in turn, heat to boiling, turn to low heat and continue to heat to 112 degrees, turn off the heat, and cool to 80 degrees. Add the isinglass powder solution and quickly beat with a whisk for 7 minutes to form a hard foam

Original Floret Marshmallow recipe

4. Add the vinegar, stir well, pour on the starch and let cool for 8 minutes. Turn the starch up and sprinkle it on the surface of the marshmallow so that the marshmallow is evenly attached to a layer of starch. I first wanted to cut a fish, and immediately found that the tail of the fish was easy to break. I tried two patterns, and finally decided to carve into small flowers. Pour the carved marshmallows into a mesh sieve, sift off the excess floating powder, and serve

Original Floret Marshmallow recipe


The melted fish glue powder needs to be kept warm to keep the melted state to prevent solidification due to low temperature.
When boiling sugar, pay attention to the heat, so that the color of the caramel will be affected by the fire prevention.


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