Oxtail Soup

Oxtail Soup

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One day my son ran and said, "Dad, I haven't had a big meal for a long time." What he calls a big meal is Western food. Thinking that steak is too simple, I added an extra oxtail soup and agreed to start it this weekend.


Oxtail Soup

1. Soak oxtail in cold water for 2 hours to remove blood. Boil the oxtail with hot water to remove foam, and rinse with overheated water.
Ingredients: celery (scraped roots), onions, carrots, potatoes, shiitake mushrooms (fresh), red wine, butter, olive oil.
Stir-fry: olive oil + butter, onion and celery fry until fragrant, add oxtail, add seasoning, fry oil, boil in red wine, add mushrooms into pressure cooker (40-45 minutes).

Oxtail Soup recipe

2. While the oxtail is boiling, cut the potatoes and carrots into a hob and steam them (to save time).
Remove the oxtail from the pot to remove the oil and ingredients, leaving only the oxtail and soup.
Stir-fry: olive oil + butter, fry the onion fragrant, add the tomato and fry the sand, a teaspoon of sugar, add water and ketchup, boil the water to thicken, turn off the heat and put the oxtail red wine soup into a saucepan, cook for 20-30 minutes. carry out

Oxtail Soup recipe


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