Pancake Rolls with Vegetables

Pancake Rolls with Vegetables

by zhou Yanru

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Tired of working in the garden. I went back to my house to rest for a while, played with my phone and saw that there was pancakes in my phone. I suddenly felt a little hungry. I picked some food in the garden, picked up two eggs in the chicken rack, and started cooking.


Pancake Rolls with Vegetables

1. Flour, water, an egg, starch, coriander, and minced stinky vegetables, put them in a bowl and make a batter. Don't be too thin to make a cake

2. Pour the sausage in half and fry until it is cooked, shred the cabbage, radish, parsley, and stinky vegetables for later use.

3. Pour a spoonful of batter into a flat-bottomed non-stick pan and spread it with a pancake rake. When it has solidified, turn it over and beat in an egg. Spread it with a pancake rake, turn it over and fry the egg.

4. Brush with shabu-shabu garlic sauce and chili oil on top of the cut vegetable sausage rolls and cook for a few seconds.


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