Papaya and Tremella Soup

Papaya and Tremella Soup

by Love in the Fish Eye-YU

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It has been raining for a week in a row recently, and it feels like autumn is all at once. It is not only cold but also dry. At this time, a bowl of warm and viscous white fungus soup is best.
It is very convenient to cook white fungus in a health-care pot. The wolfberry and ripe papaya are put together to nourish and nourish the skin.
Joyoung Health Pot K15-D67 "Powder Sweet", it has exquisite workmanship and a matte appearance. It is beautiful in the kitchen and living room. The most important thing is that it can stew, boil water, make tea, herbal tea, and flowers. Fruit tea, health porridge, nourishing soup can be used, the matching stew cup is used for steaming rice, steamed eggs, stewed medicinal food, bird's nest, can be kept warm, can be reserved, and has complete functions. Food and health are so time-saving and worry-free!


Papaya and Tremella Soup

1. Prepare the required materials

Papaya and Tremella Soup recipe

2. Wash the dried white fungus in advance, soak it in water for 2 hours, remove the stalks and tear off the small pieces, add a proper amount of water to the health pot, and select the "Nourishing Soup" menu to simmer for one hour after putting the white fungus

Papaya and Tremella Soup recipe

3. Remove seeds and cut papaya into small pieces

Papaya and Tremella Soup recipe

4. Put the wolfberry and papaya into the health pot

Papaya and Tremella Soup recipe

5. This time select the menu "Fruit Tea" and continue to boil for 8 minutes

Papaya and Tremella Soup recipe

6. Add white sugar to adjust the taste of the white fungus soup you like

Papaya and Tremella Soup recipe

7. Have a nice bowl while it's hot

Papaya and Tremella Soup recipe


Dry white fungus should be soaked in advance to make it easier to stew.
It is better to replace white sugar with rock sugar.


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