Pasta with Green Sauce

Pasta with Green Sauce

by BooBoo (From WeChat.)

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Its name is Pesto. The raw materials are just so few, but the basil hasn't grown luxuriantly recently, and it's so painful when I stroke the leaves. Huh, huh. . .


Pasta with Green Sauce

1. Make preparations first. It is more convenient to buy cheese powder if you rub the cheese into silk. Peel the pine nuts and bake them for incense. Wash the basil leaves and soak up the moisture with kitchen paper. Cook the pasta and remove it in cold boiling water.

Pasta with Green Sauce recipe


Pasta with Green Sauce recipe


Pasta with Green Sauce recipe


Pasta with Green Sauce recipe


Pasta with Green Sauce recipe

6. Put the pine nuts, basil leaves, cheese, salt, black pepper, garlic, and olive oil in a cooking machine together to make a sauce. If it is too dry and difficult to beat, you can add a little cold water.

Pasta with Green Sauce recipe

7. Mix the pasta with the prepared green sauce evenly.

Pasta with Green Sauce recipe


❤Intimate tips❤
The pasta is soaked in cold water before cooking, so it is easy to cook. Add a little salt in the water when cooking, and the noodles are more elastic. The green sauce can't be left open for too long, it will oxidize and change color. If you cook too much and you can’t finish eating, you can seal the can and put it in the refrigerator. If you want to eat it in the short term, cook a noodle and mix it. A meal will be done in ten minutes. Lazy big move.


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