Pea Cheese Omelet

Pea Cheese Omelet

by cookingsweetie

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It should be autumn in Shanghai now, but the weather in Sydney is gradually getting hotter. I don’t seem to need to wrap my heavy pajamas anymore, half-dream and half-awake to read, drink hot lemon tea and make honey. It feels really good! Omelette has become one of my best breakfast recipes this spring.
Omelette Western-style omelet, legend originated in the ancient Near East, and later spread to Western Europe through the Middle East and North Africa. The countries that pass through each have their own local versions, such as Frittata in Italy, Tortilla in Spain, and the most famous one is Omelette in France. Traditionally, Omelette is to fry eggs, butter, stir fry, add cheese, vegetables, meat or ham, and then fold the fried round omelet into a semicircle.
If you want a fluffy omelet, you can just take the egg whites, add some milk or cream or water, and stir quickly. The foam-like substance will enclose the moisture in the egg, and the Omelette will be tender and fluffy. In France, Omelette is often used for breakfast because it is very simple and fast to make. And it can make you give full play to your imagination to make your own Omelette Western-style quiche.
The pea cheese Omelette was eaten by chance at a friend's house. At that time, I was very impressed by the Omelette with Parmesan flavour, which was paired with refreshing peas and mint leaves. I think such an authentic Western breakfast, there is no reason not to share it with you who love life.


Pea Cheese Omelet

1. Pour the peas into a small pot with water and add salt. After boiling for 1 to 2 minutes, drain the water. Put the peas in a small bowl, sprinkle olive oil, salt and pepper, and lemon zest and stir well

Pea Cheese Omelet recipe

2. Cheese grated particles

Pea Cheese Omelet recipe

3. In another bowl, stir the beaten eggs, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese into an egg juice

Pea Cheese Omelet recipe

4. Add butter to a medium-sized frying pan, wait for the butter to soften, and pour in the egg juice. Heat over medium heat. When the egg juice is solidified and no longer flowing, move the omelet to the plate

Pea Cheese Omelet recipe

5. Sprinkle the prepared peas, goat cheese and mint, and fold the quiche

Pea Cheese Omelet recipe


Parmesan is an Italian hard cheese that has been aged and dried for many years. It is light yellow in color and has a strong fruit taste. Generally, it is sold in boxes or tins in powdered Parmesan cheese in supermarkets. Parmesan cheese is very versatile. It can not only be rubbed into crumbs, used as a condiment for pasta, soup and other dishes, but also made into exquisite sweets. Parmesan can be found in the salads of many western restaurants. Italians often eat large pieces of Parmesan cheese with figs and pears, or break it into small pieces, and serve as an aperitif as a snack. Because of its longer maturity period, it is easier to digest and absorb by the human body than other cheeses, and it has become one of the best cheese varieties in the world.


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