Peach Crisp Biscuits

Peach Crisp Biscuits

by Angel falling to earth

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I have made several biscuits before. I always thought that the biscuits would be crispy with whipped butter, and I developed the habit of not knowing how to make biscuits without butter. I saw a lot of people making peach crisps and wanted to try it. This time I finally got my wish. This peach crisp biscuit made of vegetable oil and flour is not complicated, nor does it use butter and a whisk. I didn’t expect the final product to be so crisp. The key to success lies in mastering everything. The ingredients are in the best condition. I made it for the first time. It was said on the Internet that eggs were needed, but it was not specific to the grams. I just used the egg left on hand. In the end it felt dry and loose. , I made adjustments and added some eggs into it. It feels good to squeeze it with my hands. The mold is easy to press. The cookie oil is relatively large. It is recommended not to eat too much at a time, just a moderate amount, and it can be matched with green tea or Coffee together.

I have used Changdi’s oven for 6 years. I have been Changdi since I first entered the industry. So I have been more accurate in his temper for so many years. Fortunately, the temperament of the Changdi I have used is basically the same, so it is handy every time. No need to spend time running in. This time I tried the Changdi e•Bake Internet oven CRDF32A. Many people should remember that I tried CRDF30A before. After that oven was tried, Changdi Company asked us for the opinions and suggestions we have used. After summarizing and integrating, the original technology was improved, and this Changdi e•Bake Internet oven CRDF32A was produced. When I saw this machine, I knew that Changdi listened carefully to everyone’s suggestions. This machine is better than the previous one. The CRDF30A has more functions and is easier to use. Previously, the CRDF30A was a flat and wide shape. The CRDF32A is a cube I am accustomed to. The baking pan of the CRDF30A is slightly larger than the CRDF32A, but the height will be slightly shorter. This is the difference. Pros and cons, flat ones are suitable for baking biscuits, you can put more at one time, tall ones are suitable for making cakes, don’t worry about the height problem. CRDF32A's baking net has a bump that will be better than CRDF30A flat baking nets. CRDF32A can be up and down. Separately control the temperature of the fire and modify the temperature and time in the middle, and also add the slag tray. At present, I can't find anything wrong with the CRDF32A. After the improvement, the functions I want are included, and it is still WIFI control. Contains a large number of cloud recipes, fool-like operation, just a touch of the mobile phone is OK, novices can also be handy.

Peach Crisp Biscuits

1. Prepare the ingredients

Peach Crisp Biscuits recipe

2. Stir the eggs with powdered sugar

Peach Crisp Biscuits recipe

3. Pour in vegetable oil and mix well

Peach Crisp Biscuits recipe

4. Mix a little bit of baking soda and aluminum-free baking powder with flour, then pour into the egg mixture, mix well and let stand for more than 30 minutes

Peach Crisp Biscuits recipe

5. Weigh the dough into balls according to the same weight, each of mine is 20 grams, take one into the mold and press out the shape

Peach Crisp Biscuits recipe

6. Press them one by one and put them in a baking tray lined with tin foil

Peach Crisp Biscuits recipe

7. After the oven is plugged in and connected to the Internet, the phone turns on the biscuit/egg tart function, selects the upper and lower fire 180 degrees, the time is 29 minutes including 4 minutes of preheat

Peach Crisp Biscuits recipe

8. Wait until the oven is preheated, put the biscuit dough into the middle of the oven and bake

Peach Crisp Biscuits recipe

9. After baking, take it out and let cool

Peach Crisp Biscuits recipe


If the thickness of the biscuits is different, adjust the time and temperature appropriately. At the end, observe more to avoid over-coloring. If you feel that the fire is too big or the fire is too small, you can adjust the temperature of the upper and lower tubes in the middle, and the unfinished biscuits should be sealed. Save it, otherwise it is easy to be damp and soft.


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