Peanut Chicken Feet Soup

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup

by Ju Na JUJU

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It’s not the first time to use a pressure cooker to cook soup. It is a good helper that saves time and effort~~ Usually, it may take several hours to cook the soup. The pressure cooker can be done in 4 to 50 minutes. In addition to being fast, the water-locking ability is also super strong, no need to add water halfway, to ensure the original flavor~~


Peanut Chicken Feet Soup

1. Materials ready

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup recipe

2. Soak the peanuts in cold water overnight (in the summer, put them in the refrigerator)

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup recipe

3. Put the chicken feet in the pot, add sliced ginger and green onion knot, blanch and remove

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup recipe

4. Put the blanched chicken feet and soaked peanuts into the inner pot of the pressure cooker, add ginger slices, and add 1.5 liters of water

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup recipe

5. Close the lid and start the soup program, the time is 50 minutes

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup recipe

6. After the program is over, just open the lid and add salt.

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup recipe


This soup can also be cooked with some red dates


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