Peanut Chicken Feet Soup

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup

by Baby Mom's Kitchen

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This soup is very delicious, the chicken feet and peanuts are really good, the chicken feet are soft and rotten, the soup is delicious, and the peanuts are fragrant. It is very appetizing! Peanuts delay aging and replenish qi and blood; chicken feet can enhance skin tension, eliminate wrinkles, and nourish skin care! This is definitely a soup for women, and women should drink it often.


Peanut Chicken Feet Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup recipe

2. Wash chicken feet and soak to remove blood water, soak peanuts for 3 hours

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup recipe

3. Cut off the tip of the claw

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup recipe

4. Pour cold water into the pot, add 1 tablespoon of cooking wine to blanch the water to remove fishy, then skim the foam after boiling

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup recipe

5. When the chicken feet turn white, you can put it in the inner pot of the rice cooker and add the soaked peanuts

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup recipe

6. Add boiling water, add green onions, ginger, aniseed, and half a tablespoon of cooking wine. (The amount of water is based on personal preference. If you like to drink soup, add a little more)

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup recipe

7. Press the rice cooker to cook the porridge and cook for 2.5 hours. Add salt to the boiling pot and sprinkle a little coriander on the table.

Peanut Chicken Feet Soup recipe


1 The chicken feet have not been deformed for 2.5 hours, but they are boneless in the mouth. It is very delicious. The chicken feet must be cooked for a long time. The gelatin of the chicken feet must be boiled to taste
2 Finally, the sprinkling of coriander is more delicious


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