Peanut Soup with Chicken Feet

Peanut Soup with Chicken Feet

by 18LS28xgl Scattered

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It is also rich in collagen, but I don’t like trotters soup~~too greasy~~
Compared with pig's feet soup, chicken feet soup is really refreshing, and it doesn't have much burden to eat~~~
Therefore, [Chicken Feet and Peanut Soup] is very popular with me~~~
Especially this winter~~~ The stew cup can be described as conscientious, except for the rice cooker and the wok, it is hard work~~~
Make a good soup before going to bed, drink it in the morning~~~~ Before going to work, make an appointment to make a good soup and drink it when you go home after get off work~~~~
We go to work, it makes soup~~~~ we rest, it makes soup~~~ we entertain, it is still making soup~~~~ Such a model worker, so conscientious, I decided to make soup and drink often in the future~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ! O(∩_∩)O~

Chicken feet with peanuts can promote blood circulation and stop bleeding, strengthen muscles and bones. Drink a bowl of hot soup, and feel the whole body is warm~~~
If you pair with red dates, the taste will be slightly sweet and the effect will be better~~~~
Because we basically make an appointment to make the soup, the white radish is cooked with the peanut chicken feet~~~ If you have more time, you can add the white radish when the chicken feet and peanuts are cooked until 7 minutes old~~~
Whispering: It is a practical stew pot for soup, all ingredients (except salt, wolfberry) are put together, and it doesn't feel much influence~~


Peanut Soup with Chicken Feet

1. Fresh chicken feet, wash and cut off nails. Pour clean water into the pot, add chicken feet, ginger slices, and some cooking wine. After it is boiled on high heat, cook for 1 minute without covering; the chicken feet in the picture were thrown into the pot before the nails were cut. (⊙﹏⊙);

Peanut Soup with Chicken Feet recipe

2. Remove the chicken feet and rinse them with running water. Just like someone who hasn't cut his nails, just cut his feet;

Peanut Soup with Chicken Feet recipe

3. Peanuts are peeled and washed for later use;

Peanut Soup with Chicken Feet recipe

4. I still have half of white radish at home, wash and stew together; prepare ginger and green onion;

Peanut Soup with Chicken Feet recipe

5. Put the chicken feet into the stewing pot;

Peanut Soup with Chicken Feet recipe

6. Add peanuts, white radish, green onions and ginger slices;

Peanut Soup with Chicken Feet recipe

7. Add enough water, then add proper amount of pepper;

Peanut Soup with Chicken Feet recipe

8. Choose "slow stew" and cook for 3 hours;

Peanut Soup with Chicken Feet recipe

9. After 2.5 hours, add goji berries and appropriate amount of salt; after the work time of the stew pot is completed, serve it while hot.

Peanut Soup with Chicken Feet recipe


1. Boil the chicken feet before boiling the soup, so that the soup is cooler and has no peculiar smell;
2. Before putting the wolfberry into the soup, soak it in clean water for a few minutes; it can wash off the ash and other impurities on the surface of the wolfberry;


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