Peanut Soy Trotter Soup

Peanut Soy Trotter Soup

by Tian Luo girl

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Chatting about time!
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I’ve been busy like a spinning top for the past few weeks, and I’m still being pumped... Fortunately, I have a particularly good memory. About half a month ago, someone mentioned to me the beginning of winter on the second weekend of November. When I got up in the morning, I thought it was probably the time of Lidong and took a look at it.
Shanghai is still a bit hot in autumn, and sometimes greasy things can’t be eaten. In winter, it’s time to raise the body to fight the severe cold (you can’t tell if you wear thick clothes anyway, hahaha)
I never like to eat lean meat. I like to eat pork belly to the top. It must be fat enough. So sometimes when my friends gather together to get rid of it, I will silently order a braised elbow or braised elbow or Trotter, then, looking at me who had already eaten the ball, my eyes gleamed like an amnesty, and finally, told me, haha, you will gain weight...
However, my concubine can't do it if I don't let me eat pig's trotter and knuckle!


Peanut Soy Trotter Soup

1. I washed and washed the pig’s trotter I bought. I’m sorry I’m an aestheticist. I didn’t chop it into small pieces, just cut the middle apart

Peanut Soy Trotter Soup recipe

2. In a pot under cold water, boil the trotters for ten minutes, and the blood foam inside will be boiled out

Peanut Soy Trotter Soup recipe

3. Soak soy beans a few hours in advance, peanuts do not need to soak

Peanut Soy Trotter Soup recipe

4. stew! meat! God! Device! I tell you!
This is clove, which makes the meat very crispy and tasty, and has a special fragrance.
Don't put too much, 3 per catty is almost the same. Putting too much will have the unnatural floral and sweet smell in it, anyway, I don’t like it very much.

Peanut Soy Trotter Soup recipe

5. Add peanuts, soybeans, star anise, 3 slices of ginger, and a shallot knot in the pressure cooker

Peanut Soy Trotter Soup recipe

6. Pour in a bowl of rice wine

Peanut Soy Trotter Soup recipe

7. A little soy sauce is enough

Peanut Soy Trotter Soup recipe

8. Then put the boiled trotters in

Peanut Soy Trotter Soup recipe

9. Add water to at least cover the trotters

Peanut Soy Trotter Soup recipe

10. Pressure on the pressure cooker, just one tendon program, the old-fashioned pressure cooker for 40 minutes, soak for a while and then 20 minutes after stopping the fire

Peanut Soy Trotter Soup recipe


1. The pig's trotters must be watered, otherwise there will be something like scum in the soup, that is the blood foam that does not come out.
2. If cut into small pieces, there will be bone scum in the soup, but the tendons will shrink when heated, so if it is not the tendon removed, it is best to break it in the middle, will be ugly...and the tendons Sometimes the force of contraction is so great--it can break bones...


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