Soy Pork Knuckle Soup

Soy Pork Knuckle Soup

by You Ma Food

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One autumn rain and one cold, the rain has hardly stopped since the beginning of autumn, and the sun hasn't shown up, and many things in the house have begun to grow mouldy and hairy again. What is even more exaggerated is that after being awake in the cold in the morning, I can't sleep anymore. Now I look at the wind and rain outside the window and dare not open the window. People instinctively want to add calories when it's cold, some fat, and a bowl of warm soup, that would be great. After drinking the soup, the whole body is warm, there is a bone to chew, and a few more soy beans that melt in your mouth, do you feel that summer is not so regrettable to slip away like this? At least, in the following autumn and winter, we can warm ourselves with a bowl of warm soup.


Soy Pork Knuckle Soup

1. A handful of soybeans, soak the hair one night in advance, wash, shave the pig's feet, cut into small pieces, and wash with ginger

2. After the water in the pot is boiled, add the pig's feet to blanch water, boil the foam and remove it and wash

Soy Pork Knuckle Soup recipe

3. Put the blanched pig's feet into an electric pressure cooker and add enough water

4. Chop the ginger into the pot and add the cooking wine at the same time

Soy Pork Knuckle Soup recipe

5. Then add soybeans

6. Close the lid, close the opening and closing knob, and turn on the power

7. After closing, click start, and then choose to add vegetables midway, then select legume tendons, soup, pressure 60, and then click start

Soy Pork Knuckle Soup recipe

8. After the reminder of adding dishes sounds, wait until the electric pressure cooker is fully exhausted and add salt

9. Put in a small handful of washed goji berries

Soy Pork Knuckle Soup recipe

10. Close the opening and closing knob again

11. Click to start again. Also, if you find it difficult to start while adding dishes, you can press and hold the quick exhaust button.

Soy Pork Knuckle Soup recipe

12. After cooking, the electric pressure cooker will automatically and quickly exhaust, and then open the lid and add long-cut scallions

13. After 45 minutes, the soup is thick and delicious, the meat is very soft and rotten, and the soybeans melt in your mouth.

Soy Pork Knuckle Soup recipe


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