Pickled Buns

Pickled Buns

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During the epidemic, I was fine at home. I was tossing some food every day. If I couldn't go out to buy meat, I just made a bun with ready-made vegetables!


Pickled Buns

1. First, wash all the ingredients and cut into small dices. Cut the white radish into shreds, kill the water with salt, rinse with water and drain the water, set aside

Pickled Buns recipe

2. 2. Fry the ingredients over the fire, put the bacon first, fry the oil and then put the winter bamboo shoots, then dry tofu, shiitake mushrooms, radish, pickles, fry fragrant, the saltiness is your own control, I added 2 spoons of soybean paste when I fry, so The salt is not put.

Pickled Buns recipe

3. The dough is fermented in advance, 300 grams of flour + 3 grams of yeast + about 5 grams of sugar, an appropriate amount of water, slowly add water, add it to the flour and all become flocculent, knead until smooth, fermented to 2 times the size, take it out and knead Exhaust the air evenly and divide it into small doses. I made 9 buns with 300 grams. The skin of the buns should not be too thin, because they are slightly thicker and easy to send!

Pickled Buns recipe

4. After wrapping, put greased paper on it. You can also brush the oil directly on the basket and put it in the steamer to wait for the second proofing. Now it is cold, about 25 minutes to open the fire, high fire for 15 minutes, simmer for 5 minutes and then remove the lid. , The buns are ready!

Pickled Buns recipe

5. Soft, white and fat, salty and umami

Pickled Buns recipe


The flour must be well proofed, and it must be simmered for five minutes and uncovered


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