Pickled Cabbage

Pickled Cabbage

by Lingzi gourmet kitchen

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In the hot summer, pickled vegetable meat buns with a bowl of white rice porridge in the morning are nutritious and delicious. Today I will teach you how to make delicious pickled vegetables meat buns.


Pickled Cabbage

1. Large collection of materials;

Pickled Cabbage recipe

2. Mix all-purpose flour, fresh yeast and water;

Pickled Cabbage recipe

3. Knead until it is smooth and you can perform one shot;

Pickled Cabbage recipe

4. Pour pickles, minced meat and chives into a pot, add MSG, pepper and mix;

Pickled Cabbage recipe

5. Stir well

Pickled Cabbage recipe

6. Twenty-five minutes for a serve, double the size;

Pickled Cabbage recipe

7. Divide the made dough into about 55 grams of dough and tighten it up;

Pickled Cabbage recipe

8. Use a rolling pin to roll out a thin dough around and thick in the middle;

Pickled Cabbage recipe

9. Add fillings (I like more fillings, so I added more)

Pickled Cabbage recipe

10. With the thumb inside and the index finger outside, pinch the folds one by one, and a fat bun will be wrapped up;

Pickled Cabbage recipe

11. Put it in the steamer and serve for 25 minutes;

Pickled Cabbage recipe

12. Turn on high heat, when the water boils, turn the heat down a little, and steam for 13 minutes;

Pickled Cabbage recipe

13. A pot of steaming buns are ready.

Pickled Cabbage recipe

14. It’s white and fat, with so many fillings, it’s super satisfying to eat

Pickled Cabbage recipe


1. Fresh yeast: dry yeast=3:1;
2. The buns must be thin on the sides and thick in the middle, so that the buns are delicious;
3. Don't keep steaming the steamed buns on a big fire, so that the water vapor inside will be too large, the water vapor will drip on the buns, and finally the buns will become dead.


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