Pickled Eggs

Pickled Eggs

by xiangguangye

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Pickled Eggs

1. Wash the eggs: The eggs must be washed thoroughly and dried thoroughly, without leaving a drop of water (I left it overnight and wiped each egg with toilet paper before pickling)

Pickled Eggs recipe

2. Boil the soup of pickled eggs: I use a rice cooker (a casserole can also be used), boil half a pot of water, add pepper, aniseed, cumin, and simmer for about 20 minutes; add large grains of salt, preferably When the soup is saturated (that is, the salt is added to it to melt slowly); continue to boil for a few minutes; after it is boiled, let it sit overnight and let it cool completely.

Pickled Eggs recipe

3. Pickled eggs: Pour the cold soup into the tank that you bought in advance; then put the dried eggs into the tank one by one; after marinating for about 20 days, the effect of yellowing oil will appear as shown in the picture; if If there is no oil, it means that you still have less salt!

Pickled Eggs recipe


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