Pigeon Soup

Pigeon Soup

by Jackey cat

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There is a folk saying that "one pigeon wins nine chickens". Chinese medicine believes that pigeon meat has the functions of strengthening the body and nourishing the kidneys, vitality, strengthening the brain and nourishing the mind, improving memory, lowering blood pressure, adjusting human blood sugar, and beautifying the skin. Drinking more pigeon soup in autumn and winter can enhance physical fitness, increase skin elasticity, and improve blood circulation. Add in the soup, which is rich in protein and gum, nourishes the yin, nourishes the skin, nourishes blood, nourishes the kidney, and strengthens the body. Unite, make you beautiful in winter


Pigeon Soup

1. Prepare the required ingredients (the pigeon can choose the old pigeon, the soup is more flavorful, soak the flower maw in advance)

Pigeon Soup recipe

2. Wash pigeon meat and cut into large pieces

Pigeon Soup recipe

3. Fold dangshen and adenophora into small sections, and put them into the pot with pigeon meat, red dates, astragalus, etc.

Pigeon Soup recipe

4. Put the soaked flower maw and ginger into the pot

Pigeon Soup recipe

5. Add enough water (Note: I chose a mini-type casserole, the soup is about two people, that is, a normal rice bowl is more than 3 bowls, if there are many people at home, you need to add ingredients and replace the big pot Just fine)

Pigeon Soup recipe

6. Cover the lid and turn on the low heat for 1 hour after the high heat is turned on

Pigeon Soup recipe

7. Add a little salt to taste before serving

Pigeon Soup recipe


1. The first choice for plastic flower gum is thick, which is not fishy, gurgling, and melting, and the mouth is slippery and refreshing. It is considered a good product.
2. The soup is for two persons. If there are many people in the family, you can add ingredients as appropriate and replace the big pot


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