Adenophora recipes

Cordyceps Flower Fish Glue Soup, Appetizing and Beautifying!

30 Heads Of North Sea Isinglass, Adenophora, Ribs

Pork Bone Clear Tonic Soup

Pork Spine, Adenophora, Polygonatum

Sea Cucumber Spare Ribs Soup

Ribs, Sea Cucumber, Salt

Stewed Pigeon Soup

Pigeon, Adenophora, Polygonatum

Pigeon Soup

Flower Maw, Pigeon, Salt

Tuckahoe Pork Bone Soup

Pork Bone, Polygonatum, Tangerine Peel

Healthy Chicken Soup

Chickens, Codonopsis, Yam

Cordyceps Flower Clear Tonic Soup

Pork Bone, Cordyceps Flower, Salt

Astragalus and Red Date Chicken Soup

Native Chicken, Astragalus, Adenophora

Moisturizing Pigeon Soup

Pigeon, Lean Meat, Adenophora

Codonopsis, Astragalus, Wolfberry Soup

Codonopsis, Pig Bones, Astragalus