Poached Egg Bread

Poached Egg Bread

by sunshinewinnie

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I'm really not a poached egg. I saw this look on the Internet recently. It feels so interesting and fun. Let's try it all.
The camera doesn’t work well. The camera that was broken last time was supposed to be okay, but the problem happened again today. The new camera is really uncomfortable, and the pictures taken always feel that the effect is not achieved. Those who like food must understand this. Be in the mood, when you are ready to take pictures but find that the camera has a problem, it feels so tangled and depressed.

Poached Egg Bread

1. Knead the ingredients except butter, then add butter and knead to the expansion stage of the film, and carry out the first fermentation.

Poached Egg Bread recipe

2. During the fermentation process, do other work, and use a cooking machine to mash the rice into flour.

Poached Egg Bread recipe

3. The stuffing is placed in a bowl.

Poached Egg Bread recipe

4. Stir the insulated water evenly.

Poached Egg Bread recipe

5. Put it in a piping bag for later use.

Poached Egg Bread recipe

6. The dough rises to twice its size.

Poached Egg Bread recipe

7. Exhaust, divide into 8 equal parts, about 50g/part, relax for 15 minutes.

Poached Egg Bread recipe

8. Exhaust again, knead it round, and put it on the baking tray for a second fermentation.

Poached Egg Bread recipe

9. After the second fermentation, use a 4.5cm round mold to press a deep circle in the middle of the dough.

Poached Egg Bread recipe

10. Then squeeze the middle circle with your hands and squeeze the cheese.

Poached Egg Bread recipe

11. Sprinkle with rice flour.

Poached Egg Bread recipe

12. The yellow peach was dried with kitchen paper and pressed into a circle with a 4.5cm cutting die.

Poached Egg Bread recipe

13. Place on the dough and bake in the preheated oven.

Poached Egg Bread recipe

14. Recently, a friend gave me some beautiful printed tissues, saying that they can be used for taking pictures, right?

Poached Egg Bread recipe


Ingredients: milk 100g water 40g sugar 20g salt 4g high-gluten flour 180g low-gluten flour 40g milk powder 8g yeast 4g butter 16g filling: cream cheese 60g sugar 10g lemon juice 3g decoration: large 20 grams of rice noodles and 8 slices of yellow peach. Bake: 150 degrees for 18 minutes in the middle and lower layers of the oven (adjust according to your own oven)
1. The amount of water in the original formula is 75 grams, which feels too much. I used 40 grams.
2. Be careful not to squeeze the filling too much, otherwise, just like the bread at the back of the picture, the filling will be squeezed out and it looks like a scallop.
3. Because it is like a poached egg, the surface of the bread should not be colored, so I will bake it in the middle of the oven.
4. Because it is to make shaped bread, the final fermentation should not be too large, or it will be badly deformed after baking.


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