Pocket Bread

Pocket Bread

by petrus

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Pita is a traditional delicacy in the Middle East. Its characteristic is that it is baked at a high temperature and the bread expands, forming a hollow shape in the middle. It is cut in half like a pocket and can be eaten with different fillings. The variability is very large~ The ingredients of the pocket bread are very simple, the filling can be adjusted according to your own taste, and the filling will not fall out like a sandwich or hamburger when you eat it. It is clean and neat~

Want to know how such exotic delicacies are made? Immediately follow the life to operate a wave~

Pocket Bread

1. Pour water and olive oil into the bread bucket

Pocket Bread recipe

2. After mixing the remaining ingredients, pour them into the bread bucket and start mixing

Pocket Bread recipe

3. Knead the dough into 8 tendons, and then pull out the film

Pocket Bread recipe

4. After the dough is rounded, cover it with plastic wrap

Pocket Bread recipe

5. Proof for 30 minutes

Pocket Bread recipe

6. Divide the dough into about 180g each

Pocket Bread recipe

7. Flatten the dough slightly and roll it up

Pocket Bread recipe

8. Cover with plastic wrap and let it rest for 30 minutes

Pocket Bread recipe

9. Take out a dough, roll it out, and place it on a baking tray

Pocket Bread recipe

10. Preheat the oven, upper the heat to 220 degrees, lower the heat to 230 degrees, and bake for 12 minutes

Pocket Bread recipe

11. After taking it out and letting it cool, cut into 2 halves with a serrated knife

Pocket Bread recipe

12. Fried steak and bacon

Pocket Bread recipe

13. Or fried a piece of auspicious pork chop

Pocket Bread recipe

14. Finally, put the various side dishes in the bread, and squeeze the salad dressing and bee mustard sauce

Pocket Bread recipe



1. This bread does not need butter, olive oil can be replaced with corn oil or salad oil
2. When the dough is proofed, just send it to about 1.1~1.2 times, otherwise the bread will become solid after baking.
3. Roll out the dough straight at the end. You don't need to roll it too hard. Roll out all the bubbles, otherwise there will be no larger holes.
4. The side dishes can be replaced with your favorite materials and you can mix and match


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