Pork Belly Soup

Pork Belly Soup

by Xiaoqi Feifei

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Use scissors to cut a thick layer of oil inside, and cut off with scissors. Otherwise, the burnt soup is too greasy.


Pork Belly Soup

1. Pork belly

Pork Belly Soup recipe

2. Wash the cleaned pork belly and cut into shreds for later use.

Pork Belly Soup recipe

3. Winter melon diced

Pork Belly Soup recipe

4. Clean the crab-flavored mushrooms and just tear them apart in two from the middle. Wash the ginger and cut into slices, wash the green onion and cut into slices.

Pork Belly Soup recipe

5. Put all the ingredients into the pressure cooker and add an appropriate amount of water. Close the lid and press the rice button. Full-bodied type of taste.

Pork Belly Soup recipe


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