Pork Floss Chive Rolls

Pork Floss Chive Rolls

by Bird's Nest

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This bread roll can be made frequently. The first thought I got when I got the pork floss was to make it. It was perfect for breakfast. The prepared bread with ingredients and the delicious taste. You can mix it with milk, soy milk, or rice porridge. Yes, it can definitely be regarded as an energy meal.


Pork Floss Chive Rolls

1. After the oil method, knead all the raw materials to the expansion stage, and ferment in a warm place to 2 times the size, take out light pressure to exhaust, round and relax for 20 minutes

2. Roll out the loose dough into a rectangle equivalent to the size of the baking pan, and place it in a baking pan lined with tin foil. After a little shaping, use a fork on the surface to prevent bulging during baking.

Pork Floss Chive Rolls recipe

3. Put the baking dish in the oven for final fermentation. Put a bowl of hot water in the oven to increase the humidity. Finally, the surface of the fermented noodles is coated with a layer of egg liquid, and then sprinkled with sesame seeds and chives.

4. Put in the preheated oven, 180 degrees, the upper and lower heat, the middle layer for 10 minutes, then turn to the upper layer for 2 minutes (after the middle layer is baked for 10 minutes, the surface of the noodles is not colored enough, so I adjusted to the upper layer and bake for two minutes, so that the ideal The color and luster of the bread rolls should not be baked for a long time, otherwise it will become brittle and hard, which will cause the rolls to crack easily. Place them on the upper layer and bake for two minutes, close to the heating tube. I think it can also avoid the time being not enough to bake)

Pork Floss Chive Rolls recipe

5. Put the baked noodles on the grilling net. After a little heat is dissipated, the surface is covered with greased paper (I think this can prevent the surface from drying out, which helps to maintain a certain humidity, and it is better to roll). After warming up, place the noodles on the greased paper. On top, cut two horizontally at the beginning of the roll, don’t cut it, this is better for the roll, and put on the salad dressing

6. Sprinkle the pork floss and press it slightly with your hands to make it more fit

Pork Floss Chive Rolls recipe

7. Roll the bread in the greased paper with your hands. If you can use a rolling pin, it may be easier. The roll is more tight. I wrap it in a towel to prevent it from falling apart. (I don’t think the bread roll can be completely cooled before rolling. It should be less prone to cracking when it is rolled)

8. After setting the shape for half an hour, take out and cut into pieces. If you like to eat a lot of floss, you can put the salad dressing on the cut surface and dip the floss.

Pork Floss Chive Rolls recipe
Pork Floss Chive Rolls recipe
Pork Floss Chive Rolls recipe
Pork Floss Chive Rolls recipe


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