Pork in A Pot

Pork in A Pot

by Taste of War

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Northeastern cuisine pot-wrapped meat, which is crispy, sweet and sour, is very delicious


Pork in A Pot

1. Dried batter, potato starch and water, stir well, let stand for half an hour, pour off the water, and leave the starch for later use

Pork in A Pot recipe

2. Cut the pork loin into thin slices and pat loosely with the back of the knife

Pork in A Pot recipe

3. Add 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, stir well, and marinate for a while

Pork in A Pot recipe

4. Put the wet starch into the meat slices and grab evenly to make the batter evenly

Pork in A Pot recipe

5. 70% oil temperature, put in the tenderloin, stir while frying, fry until the meat slices float and remove

Pork in A Pot recipe

6. Increase the oil temperature, pour in the meat again and fry for 20 seconds

Pork in A Pot recipe

7. Sugar: white vinegar at 1:1, mix well, add appropriate amount of light soy sauce to color

Pork in A Pot recipe

8. Put shredded green onion, shredded ginger, and shredded carrots in the pot and sauté

Pork in A Pot recipe

9. Pour in the seasoned sauce and the meat in the pot, stir fry quickly over high heat, coat with the sauce, and garnish with coriander at the end.

Pork in A Pot recipe


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