Pork Ribs Soup

Pork Ribs Soup

by Sister Cheng Cheng

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1h 30m



Soup in the morning and evening is indispensable. This soup tastes very sweet and is a very easy to make and delicious home-made nourishing soup.


Pork Ribs Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients

Pork Ribs Soup recipe

2. Wash the ribs and herbs and put them in the pot, add enough cold water to boil for 1 and a half hours

Pork Ribs Soup recipe

3. Add an appropriate amount of salt and mix well to turn off the heat

Pork Ribs Soup recipe

4. Let's eat out of the pot

Pork Ribs Soup recipe


Buy fresh spare ribs and soak them in clean water for a while to soak the excess blood


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