Potato Omelette

Potato Omelette

by Alice Alice Xiaoxu

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Pan-fried potato pancakes instantly release your taste buds. Potatoes are delicate and mellow, with delicious sausages, sesame seeds, and eggs, making your potato pancakes no longer monotonous!


Potato Omelette

1. Mix the flour with warm water to make a paste, not too dry, a little thinner, add two eggs and mix well.

Potato Omelette recipe

2. Add a handful of corn flour and mix well again.

Potato Omelette recipe

3. Use a shredder to cut the potatoes into shreds and pour them into a flour bowl and stir.

Potato Omelette recipe

4. Pour the chopped chives, white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, white pepper, black pepper, ground chili, and edible salt into a basin and stir slowly.

Potato Omelette recipe

5. Finally, add the chopped sausage.

Potato Omelette recipe

6. Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pan and fry slowly over low heat.

Potato Omelette recipe

7. Turn it over and fry it, then turn it over and fry it, and you can get it out of the pot!

Potato Omelette recipe


Today’s time is too rushed, I’m not interested in taking pictures, I hope to forgive me~~~
This potato pancake can also be called an egg pancake. It is inspired by the egg pancake made by my mother. Because I prefer rich pancakes, combined with my favorite food, I created this super fragrant egg pancake. I hope you will like it!
First: The amount of potatoes should not be too much. Potatoes with too much amount or too large pieces will not be easy to form when frying, and they will easily break and break when turning over, which affects heat and aesthetics.
Second: Stirring must be even.
Third: Every time you fry a new cake, you must add some cooking oil again, otherwise it will be easy to paste and turn black and it will not taste good. In addition, you can use a shovel and chopsticks to turn it over, which will save effort.
Fourth: After pour the roux with a spoon, pat it with a spatula, and the potato cake will spread out slowly and not too thick.


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